Small Book

Jill and Patrick’s Small Book of Improv for Business

Everyone in the ComedySportz world (see are huge fans of Jill Bernard and her Small Cute Book of Improv. At one of our ComedySportz World Championships, Jill and I got to talking about writing a book that would extend her Small Cute Book into applied improvisation for business.

Both of us have spend many years teaching improvisation techniques and theories to companies, and we’re aware of many good books on improv for business. What we felt was lacking was a quick resource that someone could:

  • read in about 15 minutes or less
  • pick up and read one chapter that might apply to something they are working on
  • grab a couple of exercises that they could do on their own
  • get quick takeaways from each chapter

We started with a couple of chapters that Jill had written; we popped them up on Google Docs and wrote (and edited each other) for a couple of years. In the spring of 2012, we felt like we were in the ballpark, and sought out editorial help. We self-published Jill and Patrick’s Small Book of Improv for Business in the summer of 2012.

As a project, the Small Book of Improv for Business is a study in Yes, And…

  • First, we listened to each other.
  • We said, “Yes!” to the idea of the book, and worked cooperatively in writing it.
  • We respected each others’ contributions
  • We were unafraid to edit
  • We reached out for outside help and expertise in arranging the chapters, fine-tuning the message, copy-editing and design

The book has served as an “A Ha, that’s what this is about” tool for our clients and a signpost that, in addition to making it up, we are able to make it happen.

You can read this book. It’s available here: Small Book of Improv for Business.

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