Engaged Employees Save Money

Fully engaged employees. It’s a dream for companies, right? A more pleasant workplace, fewer problems, better delivery of products and services and happier customers – these are all things we know can come from having our people completely “on board”.

Those things are all very pleasant, and may result in higher profits. Here are some ways that employers can actually benefit monetarily from engaged employees:

  • Employees with a strong emotional connection to their companies give more – sometimes far more discretionary effort to their jobs.
  • Likewise, engaged, thriving employees have fewer health problems and therefore lower healthcare costs to their employers. Compared with their struggling/suffering counterparts, they have 46% fewer unhealthy days as a result of physical or mental illness, are 39% less likely to be diagnosed with a new disease in the next year, and are 43% less likely to be newly diagnosed with anxiety and depression. These numbers add up to big savings for companies’ bottom lines in terms of productivity and medical costs.

Engagement ties to well-being, which ties to healthcare costs – with Affordable Care Act compliance looming (now set for 2015), EVERY large corporation is looking to save health costs because they’ll be paying for it.

Interesting. We assume that Applied Improvisation training helps engage employees. They learn to listen more actively, support each other, accept each others’ strengths and weaknesses, take competent risks and minimize the negative effects of mistakes. It’s good stuff.

So how does Applied Improvisation training help save you money?

We’re going to play some numbers games here.

  • An average employee (60k/year, say) is about a $250 loss for 1/2 a day of work taken to go to the doctor, fill a prescription, take a sick day, or even an “I don’t want to be here” day. For 100 employees, one half day taken per year costs the employer $25,000.
  • How much do we charge for our training? It varies, but a half day of applied Improv training for 100 people might cost $3000 to $5000, depending on the situation, goals, expenses, etc. In some cases it might be a little more; with fewer employees, it might be less.
  • If all of those employees took ONE less half sick day during the next year, that would mean a net savings for your company of $20,000 to $22,000.

Doesn’t training that saves you money and makes everyone happier sound like a good deal? It’s for real.

We had our eyes opened and our minds expanded reading this poll from Gallup.

We’ll talk more in upcoming posts about real savings in employee acquisition, engagement and retention.

Patrick Short (@patrickshort4) hasn’t had so much as a cold since 2005 because he has so much fun applying improvisation to business.

Courtney Pong (@courtneypong) works at keas.com, plays and teaches with ComedySportz-San Jose and is determined to share the benefits of Applied Improv and happy, healthy employees with everyone on the planet.

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