Emily Bazelon has written a new book on bullying called Sticks and Stones.

“The scariest aspect of bullying is the utter lack of empathy.”

We believe that empathy is a natural outgrowth of doing improv, whether in performance or training or both.

There are a lot of contributing factors:

  • Improvisors explore unusual and new situations
  • Improvisors play characters other than themselves
  • Improvisors learn a lot about each other
  • Improvisation naturally creates teams among its practitioners

Many kids on the autism spectrum have learned a lot about “play(ing) well with others” from our classes. We’ve even been hired by companies as an “intervention” with squabbling employees.

You can learn and engage an improvisational mindset at any age. Empathy grows with improv.

“The key is to remember that almost everyone has the capacity for empathy and decency – and to tend that seed as best as we possibly can.” – Emily Bazelon

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