Improv for Kids & Parents


Last fall, when we started our ComedySportz High School League team at Grant HS in Portland, we got this letter from a mom:

“Also, let me just say that [my son] loves this. And he’s loved the classes in the past. You probably don’t know this, but he’s a walking poster kid for the benefits of improvisation and the dramatic arts. You probably don’t know this, either, but he’s on the autistic spectrum just a bit and used to have a significant lack of social skills. ComedySportz was one of the first keys to changing all that and he’s blossomed since his first class. He’s taken some form of theater arts ever since. I could wax on about how it’s helped him develop humor, empathy, dealing with surprise, transitions, how to appropriately interact with others, and built his confidence, but really I just want to tell you that what you’re doing is very, very important.”

Well, this is one reason to do what we do. One huge reason.

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