Improv Education

We teach improv to adults.

So do a lot of people. Many of them are really good teachers.

What sets us apart? Do we really need to be “apart”?

Let’s discuss.


Our CSz 101 Class / Introduction to Improv:

Our approach is concise, organized and “tools-based”. Sounds like an odd way to approach what most people regard as a free-for-all, but our framework gives students the support they need to have some early success; after that, time and experience can hone them into improv warriers – if that’s what they want. We offer tools to our participants, and lead them into position to make their own discoveries about what works for them.

We cover these areas:

  • Team Building (you can’t have success without trust and support)
  • Narrative and story telling
  • Giving up control
  • Physical space (some call it…  mime)
  • Character endowments
  • Status
  • Yes, And…
  • Scene starts
  • Scene elements
  • Improv in real life

Here are a few of our guiding values:

  • We lead. People “teach” and discover for themselves.
  • We reflect together.
  • We focus on doing, and not on trying too hard.
  • We love “mistakes” and “failure”.
  • We are a team, from the first class meeting.
  • We take care of ourselves, and help others look good.
  • We don’t judge, criticize or edit at this level.
  • We help people find alternatives if they need them; we don’t tell them what would have been better.
  • We see what works for others, use what works for us and don’t worry about the rest.

Here are two things we don’t do:

  • Put beginners on stage in scenes in the first class. They need tools and support first.
  • Have a final performance for the public. All the values we teach go out the window if someone in an audience from outside the class is there to be impressed. This class is discovery; performance comes later. The joy that happens in the final meeting of this class is amazing because we’re not worried about how we look to people who don’t understand the distance we’ve traveled over eight weeks.

We teach introductory improv – CSz 101 – three times a year.

If you have questions, please e-mail Patrick Short: patrick (at)

We also teach Stand Up and Sketch Writing / Acting using Improv Principles.

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