A Short History

Patrick Short has been teaching and performing using improvisation since 1983 and he’s currently co-owner of Viewers Like You, LLC, the producers of ComedySportz in Portland, Oregon.

In 1987, he joined Jeff Kramer’s ComedySportz-San Jose team and served as GM, teacher and player for 5+ years.

In 1992,  Patrick and his wife, Ruth Jenkins, moved to Portland, Oregon, and founded ComedySportz-Portland. Based in a home theater on NW Kearney St, CSz-Portland has performed over 4,000 shows and led over 2,000 workshops and classes.


Patrick’s first client engagement in applying improvisation to business was with Apple in 1989.  Here is a partial list of who he and the CSz Portland team have worked with since.

Patrick wrote the Corporate Training section of the ComedySportz Manual, maintains the Applied Improv portion of the CSz Wiki and co-wrote Jill and Patrick’s Small Book of Improv for Business.

Ruth serves as President of our company, and has a bunch of letters behind her name: MS-CCC, SLP. She practices in Speech/Language Pathology with Providence Home Health, and teaches providers, SLPs and caregivers in the application of improvisational techniques for people with brain injuries.

Patrick spent 13 years in high tech sales and marketing positions, learning how his clients worked (and didn’t work). He holds the MFA in Stage Direction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BA in Biology from Lawrence University. He also plays keyboards, writes songs, coaches youth soccer and is a retired Little League Umpire.

Ruth (MS-CCC, SLP, Portland State University, and BFA, University of Colorado), volunteers a substantial amount of time in Portland Public Schools, including directing and playwriting with Middle Schoolers and improv training with high schoolers.

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