Improv as a Journey

When ComedySportz-Portland started in 1993, improvisation wasn’t widely known.

20+ years later, most people know about improv as a performance medium, and most people know it more narrowly as a comedic form.

In many places (Portland is certainly one of them), performance improv is growing by leaps and bounds, and boundaries are challenged every month. We’re proud to be part of that, and proud to be old enough to be a tradition, too.

But wait, there’s more!

Improvisation can be applied to almost everything – businesses, social issues, education – even life itself! We are all improvising at one level or another; you don’t have to be a professional performer to get the benefits.

Our blog is here to ask some questions, offer some ideas and to reflect on the theories (and practical applications) we’ve worked with throughout our history. We want to keep learning more, applying more, enriching more lives.

We want to save the world using improvisation. That’s a journey, not a single action or set of actions.

We’ll focus on these areas:

We believe everyone can improvise. Even businesses. Even couples. Even parents. Even kids.

We believe improvisation makes lives better.

We believe in the concept of Yes, And…

We don’t believe in winging it.

Let’s go.

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